Staying Ahead of Compliance

Being prepared for compliance simplifies your health care planning.

While some provisions of the law continue to evolve, most have been defined, so it’s important you prepare your business to comply with immediate changes and plan for longer-term reforms. Follow the three steps below to get started. If you work with a health insurance broker or tax accountant, they should be able to help you with these tasks.


  • Review your eligibility for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
  • Review your health plan documents and summaries for compliance with short-term insurance market reforms, and ensure required notices are distributed appropriately by the applicable deadline
  • Review your current health plan coverage, and evaluate your options to either retain a grandfathered plan or purchase a new plan that complies with the insurance market reforms included in the most recent health care legislation.


  • Revise open enrollment and new hire materials to reflect changes required under the law.
  • Unisource will help you keep your employee communications up-to-date.


  • Consider implementing a health and wellness program in your workplace if you don’t already have one. Premium discounts may be available for participating employees and employers continue to see the benefits of having a healthier workforce.